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Management systems

The Company has the following management systems in force:

  • Quality Management System: The QMS is a one of the components of the Company’s comprehensive management system, designed to enforce high-quality services, compliant with regulations, needs and expectations of consumers, and to satisfy all stakeholders, incl. employees, shareholders, investors and partners of the Company.
  • Environment Management System: The EMS is a part of the Company’s comprehensive management system, covering organizational structure, planning, allocation of responsibilities, practical work, procedures, processes and resources to craft, implement and evaluate performance after implementation and improvement of the environmental policy, goals and objectives.
  • Energy Management System: The EMS is a tool of the Company’s comprehensive management system that enforces on-going research providing knowledge about distribution and consumption of energy resources of the Company as well as about optimal utilization of energy resources for production and nonproduction needs.
  • Industrial and Labor Safety Management System: The ILSMS is an element of the Company’s comprehensive management system that administers risks and improves operational health and safety performance.

The management systems of the Company are compliant with international standards: ISO 9001 (GOST R ISO 9001), ISO 50001 (GOST R ISO 50001), ISO 14001 (GOST R ISO 14001), OHSAS 18001 (GOST R 54934).

Certificates obtained by the Company and its divisions:

No. Division Management system/Certificate validity period Certification authority
ISO 9001 ISO 50001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 IMS
Certificates issued 26.06.2015. Valid through 26.06.2018
1 Headquarters No. 15.1095.026 No. 15.1098.026 No. 15.1096.026 No. 15.1097.026 No. 15.1170.026 Certification Association Russian Register
2 Permenergo No. 15.1099.026 No. 15.1102.026 No. 15.1100.026 No. 15.1101.026 No. 15.1171.026
3 Sverdlovenergo No. 15.1103.026 No. 15.1106.026 No. 15.1104.026 No. 15.1105.026 No. 15.1173.026
Notes: ISO 9001: quality management system, ISO 14001: environment management system, ISO 50001: energy management system, OHSAS 18001: industrial and labor safety management system.

The key participants of the management systems are:

  • Board of Directors;
  • Executive bodies (General Director and Executive Board);
  • Representative of the Company’s management in charge of IMS;
  • Quality Management unit (its purview covers functions related to administration of management system operations);
  • Sales and Metering Department (its competence covers functions related to administration of “Electricity Transmission and Distribution” process and management of energy resources under the Environment Management System);
  • Connection and Perspective Development Department (its purview covers functions related to administration of “Connection” process);
  • Industrial Safety and Supervision Department (its competence covers functions related to administration of the Industrial and Labor Safety Management System and Environment Management System);
  • Technical Upgrade and Reconstruction, Repair and Maintenance Department, Mechanization and Transportation Directorate, Technological Development and Energy Efficiency Department (their competences cover functions related to management of energy resources under the Environment Management System);
  • Other units of the Company and its affiliates, taking part in management system performance.

Primary results of management system performance are disclosed below:

  1. Enhanced reliability and quality of energy supply [visit Section “Network Exploitation” for further details];
  2. Better energy supply safety [visit Section “Network Exploitation” for further details];
  3. Increased energy efficiency [visit Section “Electricity Transmission” for further details];
  4. Enforced environmental safety [visit Section “Environment Protection” for further details];
  5. Better quality of connection services [visit Section “Technological Connection” for further details].

Generally, the Company’s management systems reported positive performance during the reported period.

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2.2.2Electricity transmission
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2.2.4Development of telecommunications and IT systems
2.2.7Efficacy enhancement
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3Corporate governance
3.1Corporate governance practices
3.2Corporate governance system
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3.2.5Remuneration and compensation policy
3.3Oversight system
3.3.1Board of internal auditors
3.3.2Independent auditor
3.3.3Internal control
3.3.4Security and anti-corruption
3.3.5Risk management
3.4Investor and stockholder relations
3.4.1Shareholder capital structure
3.4.2 Shareholder rights
3.4.3The company and stock market
3.4.4Communications with market participants
3.4.6Allocation of profit
3.4.7Contact information
4.1Human resources management
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4.3Supplier relationship management
4.4Public and goverment relations
4.5Company’s transactions
4.6Subsidiaries and financial investments
4.7Environment protection
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5.3Corporate governance code compliance report
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