Public and goverment relations

Media relations

The Company pays a special attention to promotion of its business reputation as a primary component of Company’s strategic management. It consistently implements its information policy in line with the Rosseti’s long-term communications strategy and common principles of single communication policy.

Primary PR-related objectives, achieved by the Company, as before, were to secure informational transparency, to provide stockholders and general public with trustworthy and timely information on Company’s performance, changes and development prospects. Special attention was also given to protection of Company’s interests in public space. The Company’s information policy still rests on principles of efficient response, trustworthiness, fullness, accessibility, timeliness and thoroughness. Important aspects of Company’s management performance are initiation and maintenance of efficient communications with business, professional, expert and scientific communities; state or municipal authorities, public organizations, veteran and youth movements as well as Company’s employees.

Key directions here are interaction with mass media to form a positive business reputation of the Company, enhancement of information influence of the Company and promotion of its interest in external environment. In 2017 mass media published over 7,695 articles on the Company and its operations. Positive and neutral mentions exceeded 99.2%. The Company fully controls its image, since the portion of releases, initiated by the PR department, is rather high, while the portion of negative releases is low. Average release response is 15.8, it shows high citedness of Company’s publications. Major topics of releases issued by mass media about the Company in 2017 were combat against overdue receivables and electricity thefts, execution of investment and repair programs, operations during severe weather conditions, as well as restoration of energy supply after incidents.

As for PR performance, OAO IDGC of Urals became a winner of Russian Ministry of Energy’s All-Russia MediaTEK-2017 contest twice. The contest’s judging panel was headed by the Russian President press secretary Dmitry Peskov. The Company took a second place in “Best PR service of the federal FEC companies” category. The judging panel evaluated comprehensive strategy with regard to editorial publicity, prompt PR response in emergency situations, strong presence in social media, blogosphere, etc. Another award (third-best entry in “Promotion of FEC-related jobs”) was granted to OAO IDGC of Urals for a project dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Urals and Kama energy systems.

The project had several activities: thematic exhibition of photographs, arranged on several venues all over the Urals region, printing and presentation of a two-volume book. Eltsyn Center (Yekaterinburg), State Historical Museum of the South Urals and Open City gallery (Chelyabinsk) presented two hundreds of high-quality black-and-white photographs illustrating the importance of the energy sector. These photographs tried not only to show austere times of the sector’s present-day work but to recapture the atmosphere of the Soviet past. The exhibition became a place where two-volume book dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Urals and Kama energy systems was presented. The first volume contained works of National Photography School (France) Master of Arts photographer Aleksandr Sokolov where he captured energy facilities, people, urban areas, industrial enterprises, landscapes with electric facilities. The second volume contained research of how the Urals energy sector evolved over time made by professional chroniclers. They scrupulously examined available industry, regional and federal archives to amalgamate the information as one story stretching from the GOELRO times to times in the aftermath of the Great Patriotic War. PR service professionalism was highlighted by the contest judging panel. OAO IDGC of Urals joined the judging panel, headed by the Russian President press secretary.

Exhibition activities

Exhibition activities are also one of the most important aspects of brand communication development and positioning of the Company as a leading grid company in its service area as well as forming and maintaining the unified Rosseti image. There were several milestone events during 2017.

The Russian Government Chair Dmitry Medvedev visited a joint stand of the Perm region and OAO IDGC of Urals during Russian Investment Forum, conducted in Sochi in February 2018. Company’s performance was presented by a joint exhibition of the Perm Government and OAO IDGC of Urals, dedicated to high-priority projects in the Kama region. The Company has demonstrated 3 large main stations that opened doors for several strategic investment projects: 110/10 kV Kochkino substation (built for Photonika industrial cluster), 110/35/6 kV Chusovaya substation (refurbished for projects of the Chusovoy priority development area) and 35/10 kV Yurman substation (sample of industrial cooperation of oil producers, engine manufacturers and power engineers).

The Company’s RIF 2017 stand was also visited by the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, Deputy Panel Chair of Military and Industrial Commission, Vice President of League to Support Defense Industry Association Oleg Bochkarev and PAO Lukoil President Vagit Alikperov.

OAO IDGC of Urals also took part in Innoprom 2017 global innovations forum. The Company’s stand was visited by the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region Evgenyi Kuivashev. In 2017 the Company used striking designer solutions to construct the stand. The stand included zones commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Urals energy systems in the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Perm regions. The visitors also enjoyed a range of interesting projects located on the stand.

One of such interesting projects was a robotic inspection center (Kanatokhod) for HV power lines diagnostics, produced in the Middle Urals. Its technological platform was developed by the Urals Innovations Enterprise “Laboratory of the Future”, supported by the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region Evgenyi Kuivashev. The robotic center is tested in the networks of OAO IDGC of Urals as a part of the cooperation agreement. Sverdlovenergo’s power engineers provide methodical support to young scientists in adjusting technology for particular production objectives.

The visitors were also presented a software and hardware complex for smart metering and consumption management (Smart Consumer School), a joint development of OAO IDGC of Urals and Urals Federal University. Technologies tested by the project can be implemented on facilities of the Company and its consumers.

The stand also showed products of the Bogoslovsky Cable Plant, a joint venture of RUSAL and ELKA-Kabel. The plant opened in 2016 on a production site of Bogoslovsky Aliminuim Plant in Krasnoturyinsk and produces three types of cable: flexible wire to be used on industrial sites, oil submersible cable and self-supporting insulated wire for power lines. The Company actively cooperates with the producer that presented TNG reduced-weight wires and jointly developed pinching systems with improved technical properties.

OAO IDGC of Urals also presented its innovative developments on the Russian Energy Week global energy-saving forum, conducted in Moscow. PAO Rosseti General Director Pavel Livinsky presented several cutting-edge developments (including the ones, made by the Company’s staff) to the Russian Ministry of Energy Aleksandr Novak and Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

In 2017 the Company presented its projects in the Kama region at “Energy Sector. Energy Saving 2017” interregional exhibition, as a partner of the venue supported by the Government of the Perm region, Perm Administration and Western Urals Energy Sector Association. The exhibition hosted companies from 16 regions to discuss vital issued related to the sector development.

Developments of the Company were included into PAO Rosseti exhibition visited by the Russian President Vladimir Putin on a visiting tour to PAO Rosseti HQ, being another milestone event for the Company in 2017. The PAO Rosseti General Director Pavel Livinsky presented Vladimir Putin a range of innovative locally-produced developments deployed by the energy sector as a part of its present-day complete upgrade. Usage of the developments on PAO Rosseti facilities ensures reliability, utmost quality and availability of the network infrastructure, technical parameters of the technologies and equipment may even beat foreign counterparts.

Intracorporate communications

The Company develops existing and creates new tools of intra-corporate communications. The corporate web-site is at the top 10 of web-resources covering energy-saving by the Yandex citation index. The Company also has a strong presence in the social networks and blogosphere: official accounts of the Company are regularly updated in Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram (9.0+ thousand followers).

We traditionally prepared 12 issues of monthly corporate newspaper for employees (addition to the federal Rosseti’s newspaper), one of important tools for non-financial stimulation and informing on Company’s performance. Articles mainly covered labor-improving activities, acquisition of new vehicles, machinery and equipment, labor safety, activities of the veteran and young specialist councils. During 2017 we issued two special issues of the corporate newspaper covering vital matters.

The Company also took considerable efforts to retain our historic heritage. Adhering to the principle of transparency in relations with key consumers, the Company kept on promoting the Historical Museum of the Urals Energy Sector. Again we joined Museum Night 2017 project. The museum told visitors a story of electrification of Sverdlovsk and demonstrated unique archives of photos taken in 1920-s. Exhibition of photographs related to electrification of Sverdlovsk, designed especially for the Museum Night, illustrated city’s energy supply process short after the civil war. The focus of attention was centered around the Sverdlovsk GES power station, located in the city outskirts. The station was launched into operation in 1927 and powered the city until its stoppage in 1960-s. Large-scale photographs, scans of glass photoplates of the past century, has never gone public. The photos demonstrate stages of station construction, interior of the building, faces of the station’s first builders who saved the city from energy deficit.

Striking exhibition achievements of the Company again avow that the Company continues to form communication environment, benevolent for business development, with the help of various tools and channels to promote its interests in external environment.

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